Friday, February 17, 2012


Sooooo, yes, it has been an adjustment moving to California, BUT, oh how we've adjusted :) So many fun things to do here, ONE being my very favorite, going to Newport Beach! Being only 10 miles away makes it very hard NOT to go :) So that's what we basically did all summer... Go to the beach and play. Kids ABSOLUTELY loved it! Brielle goes out into the ocean a little too far and Bryce crashes into the waves like hes a bulldozer! So yes, without Scott there with us, I don't really get to relax. These kids just LOVE water and the ocean was a big hit with them this summer!
Scott and Brielle making their way out into the water....

Sand!! What would we do without the sand! Sandy bathing suits, sandy hands, sand in eyes and throwing wet sand (Bryce) oh how I love it! Kids could play in the sand for hours.

Awe, me and my babies. They sure do keep me busy, but I love them to pieces! We sure had a fun day this day.

Brielle loves to write and enjoyed writing lots of words in the sand. First she wrote "Brielle"

Dad and Bryce...

And this one I cant really make out in the pic or remember... It was probably something like,"Mom, Brielle, Dad and Bryce" Since that's what she LOVES to write :)
Woke up early, went to the gym as a family, ate lunch and off to the beach by 11am! A perfect start to the day and a BEAUTIFUL day at the beach! Love days like this one!

So there's this really cool mall called the Irvine Spectrum, in Irvine of course, and its just a really neat mall. Like a small amusement park, great shopping, lots of dinning, and movie theater all in one. Went there lots this summer since the kids really like it and there's a target attached so of course I really like it too! *turned into a target girl since moving to CA, sure miss my Walmart :(

So, on this particular summer afternoon we met a good friend of mine Brittany and her darling little girl Joli at the spectrum for the day. It was so so so so HOT so we walked around, rode a couple rides and shopped a little then went straight to the SPLASH PAD they have there to get nice and WET! That splash pad saves you on a hot sunny day!

This mall is beautiful! It has lots of pretty fountains the kids kept stopping to play at..

That's cute Joli and she looks as if something got her hand in the water!! :)

Cant NOT ride the carousel when going to this mall. Always, ALWAYS do we stop here for a ride :)

Brielle being goofy like her mother of course.. Bryce looks a little unsure of himself :)

I just want to squeeze these two!!!! :)

Splash pad!!! Time to cool off! Cant wait for summer to go all over again, and again, and again!!


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